Hooray! A new school year has begun! Students are filling the schools, busses are rolling down the streets and minds are being filled once again. The start of fall (or, nearly fall) also begins programing in many churches, as well. This year, our church will enter the new year with an all-inclusive theme: Shift.

Shift is a resource that comes out of the theme for this past CHIC and is an opportunity to restart our ministries with a common base and focus. We’ll be utilizing this focus throughout our Sunday morning experience, from sermons to Sunday School.

We all are familiar with the concept of conversion. We recognize that there is a “coming of faith” that Christians experience, though it is experienced in a wide variety of ways. Whatever biblical phrase we use (born again, new birth, new creation, moving from darkness to light or death to life) we all talk about this change that happens to us when we give our lives to Christ. We also recognize that once Christ gets a hold of our lives, it doesn’t stop there. God continues to shift our perspective of God, ourselves and the world. While we may be happy with our own perspective, God wants us to see things as he sees them. As I have been reading through the Gospels lately, we can definitely recognize that Jesus sees things in a way that the Pharisees, the tax collectors, the Roman authorities and even his disciples see things. And he calls us to shift our focus.

So, over the next six weeks we will seek to

  • Shift your relationship with God
  • Shift your relationship with people
  • Shift your idea of how God can use you
  • Shift your ability to see pain
  • Shift your perspective on the world
  • Shift into action

We will also be given the opportunity to serve. Throughout this six weeks, we will be collecting money through our Sunday School donations to support Project Blue. Project Blue is an initiative of the Covenant church in order to raise awareness of the need for sanitation and access to clean water throughout the world as well as to raise funds that will support the work that Covenant World Relief is doing to address this issue. This past July, Covenant high school students raised $126,000 for Project Blue! And now, we are able to build on that good work as we allow God to continue the good work of shifting our hearts. May God bless us on this journey!