Schedule Oddities

This is going to be an odd season for me. I won’t be behind the pulpit for a while. Kinda. Technically, over the course of six weeks I will preach two sermons at Winthrop Covenant, and I’ll tell you why that’s a good thing.
Firstly, I’ll tell you why. On January 31st, we’ll have Women’s Sunday and Lindsay will be preaching (which I’m very excited about). The following Sunday (Feb. 7th), Dave Husby, director of Covenant World Relief will be with us to share God’s Word. We’ll have an Ash Wednesday service (where I will be preaching), followed by a pulpit exchange with the area Covenant pastors for the first four weeks of Lent. Todd Harris will be coming from Hutchinson on Feb. 14th, Doug Pierce will be coming from Lake Jennie on Feb. 21, I will preach here on Feb. 28th, and Keith Carson will be coming from Dassel on March 7th (meanwhile, I will be rotating around to each of their churches on those Sundays).
I think this will be beneficial stretch of Sundays, for several reasons. First, because I think Lindsay will do a fantastic job (I’m really trying not to pump this up beyond reasonable expectations, but it’s hard) and I’m looking forward to God using her in this way. Second, having Dave Husby out to Winthrop will be an important connection for us to have, not only to our denomination, but to how our denomination is serving and caring for our world. Third, having the area Covenant pastors will similarly help us to consider ourselves alongside our fellow Covenant churches, with whom we partner for the Gospel. It is helpful for us, as pastors, to see the ministry going on in Covenant churches in our own backyard, as well as for parishioners who get the opportunity to hear from other Covenant pastors.
The other byproduct of this that I think will be very helpful is that it will allow me to reallocate my time and energy toward other efforts. It will afford be the opportunity to connect in different ways, plan ahead, and consider new ministry opportunities. All in all, it may feel a bit different, but having seasons where things are out of the ordinary can be healthy and helpful. Many of us get stuck in certain routines and mindsets, and it is beneficial to step outside of ‘normal’ and do something new. Also, I do have wonderful colleagues that I know you will enjoy meeting. Blessings to you all!