What Is WECC Doing Around the World? 

Winthrop Covenant Church is thrilled to be part of the spread of God’s kingdom around the world.  Corporately, we support the work of missionaries and relief projects; as a church we encourage our congregation to give individually to the work of Christ around the world, and to answer God’s call to go and serve internationally as the opportunity arises. 

Covenant World Relief

For several months of the year we collect money to support the work of 
Covenant World Relief in impoverished communities around the globe. 

Congo Clinic Project

We are in the midst of a 5-year partnership with 3 other churches to fund the building, equipping and staffing of a medical clinic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  For the latest update, click here

Missionary Support

WCC regularly supports the work of Francisco and Stephanie Ramos, serving in France to further the gospel through art.  For more information about the Ramos’, click

Yearly Donations

As a congregation, we facilitate yearly fundraisers to help provide additional funds for the
Paul Carlson Project and Alaska Christian College.   Our Youth Group also raises money for World Vision each year as part of their 30-Hour Famine project, and the Women’s ministry is working to support the Educate the Girls Project, which runs the Lycee Vanette School for Girls
in the Congo. 


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